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Research Clusters

The research clusters have two dimensions: one content-orientated and one on their structural organization. Comprising research questions with a current and medium-term relevance and providing access to different disciplines are the main are the main tasks of the research clusters. Additionally, they contain existing processing potential at the TU Berlin and a spatially determined or spatially orientated issue or challenge. Therefore, the work within the research clusters requires the co-operation of different disciplines and the parallel working on diverse projects with the same general topic. The research clusters form the foundation for the extension spatial-orientated research competences at the TU Berlin and the acquisition of structure-forming group research projects. Moreover, the clusters have a determined time horizon; at the latest, they end if the main questions/tasks of the cluster are answered / resolved. Afterwards, they are replaced by new research clusters. Due to the group orientated approach of the IC HD, the research clusters are associated with specialized fields and bodies of various institutes and faculties of the TU Berlin.

With the establishment of the IC HD seven new research clusters have been developed. These were verified in terms of prospects of success, prior concessions, existing or to be completed competences at the TU Berlin and their ability to compete with other research institutions.

Besides these new clusters, the IC HD tries to integrate other, advanced initiatives and successful activities at the University of Technology Berlin as regards content and structurally. These are, for example, the already running, joint projects of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and TU Berlin, which are:

Urban Agriculture as an Integrative Factor of Climate-Optimised Urban Development, Casablanca

Young Cities - Developing Energy-Efficient Urban Fabric in the Tehran-Karaj Region

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